Living Memorial For Doug Egolf

Submitter’s Name: Johnny Panatex
The Service Member’s Name: Doug Egolf
Branch of Service: Army
Rank: E-4 Specialist
Military Job: Patriot Missile Operator/Maintainer
Hometown for Service Member: 
Austin, Texas

Submitted by Navarro College student, Panatex Johnny

Doug Egolf served in the U.S. Army for 4 years beginning in 2008.  He was a Specialist / E4 and his military job was a Patriot Missile Operator/Maintainer. His unit squad name was A 1-43 Air Defense Artillery. Doug attended Basic Training at Fort Knox, Kentucky and then did Advanced Individual Training (AIT) at Fort Bliss, El Paso.  Fort Bliss also became his permanent duty station. Doug served two years overseas, one year during operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. 

Doug Egolf really enjoyed his service because he had the opportunity to use his time to improve his self physically, mentally, financially and fight for his country. Doug learned so much from serving and that knowledge and experience helped him advance significantly in his life.

His greatest achievement was getting the Army Achievement Medal, awarded twice, for scoring better than perfect on the Army Physical Fitness Test. His scores were higher than his peers and he challenged himself to beat the fastest company run time of 11 minutes – which he did. He also qualified on every weapon the company had. He was a natural shot as he scored Expert, hitting 38 out of 40 on average.  Specialist Doug Egolf got the opportunity to serve his country and was very proud to have done it.