Living Memorial For James Jackson

Submitter’s Name: Melissa Jackson
The Service Member’s Name: James Jackson
Branch of Service: Air Force
Rank: E-5/SSgt
Military Job: Security Forces
Hometown for Service Member:
El Paso, Texas

James is from El Paso where he joined the United States Air Force as a Security Forces Member. During his third duty location in 2009, he volunteered for a “365” year tour in Iraq. Traveling from FOB to FOB around Baghdad, Iraq, he trained local forces and conducted convoy missions. James was a heavy gunner and in charge of IED detection equipment on the HUMMWV’s.

His squad received multiple attacks, one leading to the death of a squad leader officer. Among other missions performed and completed in Iraq, James returned home in 2010 where things would not be the same.

After serving 14 years in the military, James transitioned to civilian life with his family.