Living Memorial For Matthew Harvey

Submitter’s Name: Vickie Jordan
The Service Member’s Name: Matthew Harvey
Branch of Service: Army
Rank: E7
Military Job: Engineer
Hometown for Service Member:
Cypress, Texas

He’s been shot in the head! These were the only words that my ears let me hear and understand from the phone call late one night in February 2009 from my daughter-in-law. I had my plane ticket to Colorado Springs booked I was going to spend the week with Matt and Crystal while he was home for two weeks from Iraq. He had called her to assure her that he was alive but had been saved by his helmet and he had a lot of helmet pieces in him and a bad concussion but he was alive and still coming home to her. Matt’s sister and brother-in-law were able to track his movements and see him in a layover and it was just what he needed because he was not as okay as he had said.

Matt had a number of injuries throughout his deployments but he felt it best to not inform us until after he was back home or at the very least well healed. He had a number of purple hearts and didn’t think he should have any of them. He felt that they were for his fellow soldiers that had been severely injured.

This sweet boy grew up in Cypress loved Texas and life. Matt always made his mind up to do things set goals and he always excelled from playing soccer goalie to beautiful wood working. Matt’s junior year of high school he decided to enlist in the Army’s early entry program and left for boot camp just two weeks after graduating from High school. He was always crazy, the clown of the party, daredevil, hard working with the biggest of hearts. He loved youth mission trips with church, volunteering at b.c.a.m. in the summer and helping those in need before entering the army and he continued to help others in need while serving in the Army.

Matt loved tattoos and he had many but they all had great meaning and told his life story from his great state of Texas, jigsaw pieces of his life, the fire in his new home, his lovely wife, his art work, “makin bacon” pigs, to his winning bet to name his son Clutch. He loved God, family, life and the Army.

Matt was not happy with his Houston Texans nor his Green Bay Packers they had both let him down so he didn’t mind not watching the game on TV that year. Early that super bowl Sunday morning our world as we had known it came to a crashing end. We got the worst news ever, our Matt had answered God’s call to come home. We had plans for notifying in place, but our plans didn’t go as we had planned. Earlier in that week Matt had flown to Germany for the Army and he was only to be there a few days and then back home and plans to bring his wife and son to the Houston Rodeo for the first time. He had everything planned out they had just celebrated their anniversary, coming to the rodeo, seeing family, more fishing trips with Hunter and taking him hunting and just spending time with him and Crystal. But God had a different plan for him and us.

We take comfort in knowing that Matt is watching over us and he lived life doing good and having fun as well as making the best of every day.