Students and Cadets

Thank you for helping the Texas War Memorial preserve the history of Texans, Veterans and families alike, who served in the Global War on Terror and Overseas Contingency Operations.  Students and ROTC Cadets and their Units / Schools will be recognized, permanently, on the website and, when appropriate on social media.  

You will use leadership, listening, writing and creative skills during this process and are doing a great community service by capturing the stories, photographs, videos, even music and artwork, etc. of Texas service members and families.  You will find that service members and families find many ways to express their experiences – and it is your job to discover and record those approaches and experiences.   Be creative – it is the Veteran’s and/or family’s story accomplished with your help. 

The archive of stories, photographs, videos and other media will serve as an online “Living Memorial” of Texans affected by the war after September 11, 2001.  It seems only fitting that these stories be another way to honor and remember our service members and families and to inform future generations about the tremendous service and sacrifice of Texans during the Global War on Terror.  The information will build with each new entry and remain available to anyone and anytime on their computers, tablets and even cell phones. 

QUALIFICATIONS TO POST A STORY – the only qualifications to be part of the stories on the website are 1) that the service member served (or family member) during the Global War on Terror; and 2) they list Texas as their Home of Record. They do not have to be living in Texas at present. Veterans and their families must understand and agree that the information (story, photos, videos, etc.) will be made public on the website and possibly showcased on social media. None of their personally identifiable information (address, phone, etc.) will ever be posted.

HOW DO YOU FIND A VETERAN TO INTERVIEW? Most people in your school, church, clubs and local community will know of a Global War on Terror Veteran or family. If you cannot find a Veteran to interview, e-mail or call 832-820-6655 and we will help you find a Veteran and/or family.

Privacy Policy

The Texas War Memorial is committed to protecting the privacy of Veterans, families and students.  If you submit a story, photographs, videos (or links to videos), etc. for our online use, we will post the materials you submit which will be viewable by the public.  Any personally identifiable information gathered in the submission forms for veteran or family stories, including your contact information, and will be stored on the Texas War Memorial website.  We collect your information such as your name and email address, in case we have questions about the submission and for the purpose very limited updates and inviting you to the monument unveiling.  

Your personal information is accessible only to limited Texas War Memorial personnel and we will never post or share your email or other contact information without your consent.  We will not sell or share your information with third parties unaffiliated with Texas War Memorial.  On very limited occasions, we may link to third party sites; Texas War Memorial is not responsible for the content or privacy controls on third party sites.  We will post updates to this privacy policy here.  To update, change or remove your information, or for any concerns about privacy, email Staff or write to Texas War Memorial, 3706 Crawford Street, Austin, TX 78731.  Our phone is 832-820-6655.  


Specific Instructions – Submit The Story Here Using the Form and Instructions Below

Please utilize the following form / format to share the story, as the form will help us create a database to make the stories easy to find on the website by name, hometown, theater, etc.

ACCURACY – We want to post accurate information, so to help us ensure accuracy, we may ask you to provide verification.  Our copyreaders may make minor grammatical corrections and slight changes for limited space or style.  We will contact you if we need to recommend major changes or have questions.

CONTENT AND TONE – Please remember that children may read and study your story, so the content, tone and language should be appropriate for families and children.

IMPORTANT:  There will be a “success” message after you submit your story.  If you scroll down and do not see the message, please check for errors or missing information, correct and hit “Submit” again. 

  • Your Information / Service Member's Information

  • * = Required Field
  • Photographs

  • From the form, you can upload three photographs. If you have more than three photos, we will accept additional files sent to (be sure to note the service member’s name in the e-mail, so we can link the photos to the appropriate story).

  • Video Posting

  • For videos, please post videos to YouTube and provide us the link in the box provided below.

  • TEXT – DO NOT TYPE IN THE BOX. Complete your text in Word (or similar program) and cut and paste your text into the box below. That way, you have a saved version, just in case there are any technical glitches and you need to resubmit. If your story is lengthy, we will accept additional files sent to (be sure to note the service member’s name in the e-mail, so we can link the photos to the appropriate story).

  • STUDENT AUTHENTICATION - I asked permission from the Veteran/Family Member to publish this story and I authorize the Texas War Memorial to publish and/or make use of the materials I am providing, including but not limited to any biographical material, photographs, video, audio recordings and written documents in connection with the Texas War Memorial to pay tribute to and educate others about the service of Texans in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

    I further represent that any statements made by me are true, to the best of my knowledge, and they will not violate or infringe upon the rights of any third party. I hereby release Texas War Memorial from any and all claims, causes of action, suits, costs, liabilities, and damages that I now or hereafter may have against Texas War Memorial and I agree not to make any claims against Texas War Memorial in connection with any of the rights granted herein.

  • IMPORTANT:  There will be a “success” message after you submit your story.  If you scroll and do not see the message, please check for errors or missing information, correct and hit “Submit” again.