Living Memorial For Kevin Jones

Submitter’s Name: Nicholas Dennis
The Service Member’s Name: Kevin Jones
Branch of Service: Marine Corps
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Military Job: MV-22 Crew Chief
Hometown for Service Member: 
Odessa, Texas

Submitted by Navarro College student, Nicholas Dennis

The Veteran I interviewed is Staff Sergeant Kevin M. Jones and he is 33 years old.  He has been in the U.S. Marine Corps for over 14 years and his military skill is an MV-22, Crew Chief.  He was born in 1983 in Odessa, TX.  He was an avid outdoorsman growing up; he enjoyed hunting, fishing and playing all sports.  One of his most enjoyable childhood memories was going to his parent’s lake house where he would always drive the golf card and go hunting.  He told me that one time he killed a boar on a moving golf cart.  What a shot!  Right?

Staff Sergeant Jones joined the military 3 months after the September 11th attack happened.  He felt a sense of duty to our Country and because his father served in the military.  He volunteered because he knew that our country would be going to war with those that were responsible for the attacks that happened on September 11, 2001.  He got his wish and was a part of the Invasion of Iraq in March of 2003.  He definitely did not regret his decision to join he said he has learned the true meaning of leadership, integrity, self-sacrifice and to be grateful for everything that we have in this country.   

He is currently a Staff Sergeant on active duty in the United States Marine Corps.  He joined the Marine Corps because they are the most disciplined service with the warrior ethos unlike any other service.  The Marine Corps is the expeditionary force in readiness and they are ready to take the fight to those who threaten our way of life here in the United States.  His father also served in the Marine Corps and Staff Sergeant Jones wanted to keep that legacy alive in their family.

Staff Sergeant Jones would warn our generation that this country is going to be under attack for years to come through terrorist networks aiming to destroy our way of life.  Irregular Warfare is the new face of war that this country is facing.  Simply stated, Jones says we are facing an enemy who hides among the populace to conduct their terrorist actions against the United States.  Jones says he would change the system and make everyone do their part and serve in the military.  He says the skills and leadership you learn not only make you a better member of society, but it would make this country safer and stronger.

The events that occurred on September 11, 2001, were a great tragedy to our Country and the people.  Staff Sergeant Jones joined the Marine Corps because of the September attacks, he felt it was his duty and it was time to take the fight to them before they brought it to us.