Living Memorial For Michael Davis

Submitter’s Name: Kenneth Gibbs
The Service Member’s Name: Michael Davis
Branch of Service: Navy
Rank: E5
Military Job: Machinist’s Mate – Weapons (MMW)
Hometown for Service Member: 
Dallas, Texas

Submitted by Navarro College Student Kenneth Gibbs

I met Michael through an old math tutor of mine. I had the honor of sitting down with him to ask him some questions about his time in the service. I was curious to know what his ambitions were in becoming a sailor in the Navy. Michael said, “This was something I was already thinking about before I even entered my senior year of high school. I have family that served in the Navy before me, so it was sort of like a tradition.” In Michael’s family, tradition means everything.

After graduating high school, most people have plans to attend college or just to go to work to make a living for themselves. That was not the case for Michael however. “I wanted to do something to separate myself from my peers while at the same time helping out my family,” Michael said.  After graduating from David W. Carter High School in 2009, Michael automatically had his sights set on joining the service and by September of 2010, he was enlisted in the US Navy.

His transition from student and citizen to sailor was not an easy one. Michael recalled his training experience, “Oh man! The physical conditioning was the hardest part. My first week of boot camp was definitely a life changing experience.” He calls it the most intensive week of his life. “It was NOT easy, but it all paid off in the end. I received great training throughout my career in the Navy. They were definitely the best at what they did.”

During his time as a Machinist’s Mate, he was constantly at sea. I asked him about the food they ate and he said, “The food varied. It was mostly good but there were plenty of times when it was bad too.”  When at port, he would have access to the freshest foods.

I also asked him about communicating with his family while he was away.  “I was able to talk with my family while we were in port and we communicated through email while at sea whenever it was possible.”  When allowed to go on leave, his focus was to spend time with his loved ones. “When on leave, I made sure I spent as much time with my family and friends as possible. Being out to sea for so long, you really start to appreciate the things you have back home.”

It’s only been a few years since Michael was discharged from the Navy. “During my last days on board there was an award ceremony honoring me and a few others who were also leaving.  Michael said, “It was such a memorable experience.”  Today he resides in his hometown of Dallas, Texas where he is taking care of his two beautiful daughters alongside his lovely wife.

I was really interested on hearing his input about things going on within the world. I asked him “What would your message be?” if you were given the opportunity to talk to young people.  Michael expressed that the younger generation are the future of this country and that we all have a special purpose in life. “Too many young people are out here just throwing their lives away.”  He also would tell them, “Always stay humble.  Enjoy the good things in life and learn from the bad.”