The statue portrays a service member and family that must part for an overseas deployment in the Global War of Terror. There is a foreshadowing of a poignant outcome, as the service member may pay the ultimate sacrifice.  The spouse’s reluctance to let go of her husband’s hand reflects the known potential price to be paid. The daughter is holding the triangular funeral flag she will receive in the future. Lady Liberty is extracting the price for our liberty.  The “Liberty” figure depicted on the proposed monument was modeled after the statue on the Texas Capitol dome, “The Goddess of Liberty,” making it more authentically “Texan, ” depicting Texas history, patriotism and pride.

The granite base will include the service branch seals and have inscribed, “This Memorial is dedicated to Texas Military Members and their Families, who answered their Country’s call after September 11, 2001.  They know all too well the Price of Liberty.”

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